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Guanacaste, Costa Rica has the nick name of the 'Golden Coast' because of the many beautiful beaches in the province. Two of the best beaches in Guanacaste with white sand are Playa Conchal and Flamingo.
Playa Conchal - this beach was made famous for having a shell beach instead of sand. Nowadays there are many whole shells to be found, but when you grab a handful of the sand you can still see tiny bits of sparkling shells. The public access to this beach is via Playa Brasilito, the beach right next door.
Playa Flamingo - another beautiful white sand beach, it is not far from Playa Conchal. It has more of a town than Playa Conchal, so you'll find more shops and restaurants here, and tour operators willing to set you up for the day (complete with beach tent, chairs and cooler full of drinks for the day. They can even bring you lunch from near by restaurants so you never even have to leave the beach) or book many fun activities like ATV tours, water tours, etc. 
Playa Brasilito - this beach sits in between Playa Conchal and Playa Flamingo. It has darker, volcanic sand, and it firm and shallow, so great for a sunset beach walk or for little children to play in the gentle waves.
Playa Potrero - home to the towns of Potrero and Surfside, this beach is relaxed with a chill vibe. The Costa Rica Sailing Center calls this beach home, as do a few small hotels and beach side restaurants. You can rent sailboats, SUPs and kayaks, etc. from the CR Sailing Center and settling in for a bite to eat, while the sun sets at the end of the day. Often, the local cows can be seen roaming the beaches as they head home.
Playa Tamarindo - the go-to beach for beginner and mid-level surfers. Tamarindo is about a 20 min drive from Casa Serena. Surf shops and schools lines the streets offering lessons to get you tuned up. They also take photos during your lessons you can review afterwards, picking a few of your favourites as proof of your achievements on the waves!
Playa Grande - another fabulous surfing beach, amazing waves, and less crowded than Tamarindo
Playa Avellanas - the expert surfer can't afford to miss this beach. With waves up to 18 feet high, there's a reason it's called 'Little Hawaii'. It's also the home to Lola's, an amazing restaurant in the community, the serves delicious food, right on the beach! They hire locally, use organic food, recycle, compost and support local community police and charities. And if that's not reason enough to visit, they have Ave and Ana (get it, Avellana!) as their pig pets!
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