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Need to eat Gluten Free?  We Have You Covered!


At Casa Serena, we can provide you with your best worry free, gluten free, tropical vacation you’ve ever had! With two Celiacs in our family, we understand the difficulty of traveling and eating strictly GF, so we decided to use our vacation property as an outlet for others who need to live this way, so they too can enjoy a worry free vacation while enjoying our slice of paradise.


Traveling when you need to eat gluten free, whether its due to Celiac Disease, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity or other reasons, can be very challenging. Often times it can mean missing out of group dining experiences, not being able to sample the local cuisine or sometimes even going without.   At Casa Serena, we understand the challenges, and we’ve got you covered. We have set up protocols inside our home to provide you with safe food preparation, and we have done the leg work and scoured our local eateries to identify who ‘gets it’ regarding ingredients as sources of gluten and protocols to avoid cross-contamination. We have also found a few items in local supermarkets to help you stock up at your home away from home.

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